My history with the Ornamental fish

My history with the Ornamental fish trade started in 1988. Diving and observing aquatic wildlife along the Northeast coast of Brasil, in the shallow water off the beaches where there is good visibility to appreciate these beautiful marine creatures.

It was then and there that I contracted this wonderful addiction of the aquarist, set up my first tank and then started my first ornamental fish shop, diving deep into the activity of fish keeping. Five years later I started to trade fish Internationally, opening an export company in 1995, sending Ornamental Fish and wild Discus to companies in various countries, mainly in Asia.
I am very excited about the future although there are logistical problems such as the large amount of travel time involved in shipping to distant countries. I am constantly working on and improving methods of transporting fish over long distances. I regularly ship Marine fish for up to eighty plus hours with hardly a loss.
Attention to the quality and variety of rare species is one of our chief concerns and will be crucial to our success and future growth. I am very pleased with the expansion in the hobby all over the World, particularly the rapidly expanding activity in the Chinese market, which we have been targeting and now comprises some fifty percent of all our production.
Naturally I am very aware of the Chinese people’s love for Ornamental Fish, a passion which could be compared to the Brazilian´s love for football but with a difference. I believe it´s in the genes of the Chinese and in their blood, this National passion for fish, probably because China was the cradle of many human activities including aquaculture and fish keeping.
Bit by bit I am establishing contact with more companies in China and hope to increase our involvement in this dynamic and growing part of the World.
Hudson Crizanto

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