Alenquer red spotted Discus

Message from Heiko Bleher: Dear Vistors to the great website of Hudson, my dear friend and excellent Discus keeper (best in Brazil).

Hudson has during the last few years bulit a beautiful installation for Discus in Fortaleza, Brazil, and he is the only exporter in South America who does not only select each Discus variant from hundreds collected, but also keeps them after the come to his place under strict quarantaine for at least 3 month. This way he is the only one to ship 100% acclimatized Discus, and very successful around the world from Fortaleza’s International airport.

I have written in my book: BLEHER’S DISCUS volume 1, just about everything possible about wild Discus, it is a compendium and I have mentioned also in my (Alenquer region) text about the Discus found only in a single area (lake) of the Alenquer region, the so called “Pintado”. This is the only place some of the species of SYMNPHYSODON HARALDI, the so called Brown or Blue Discus, show on its sides some red spots, normally only known from the Green Discus, Symphysodon aequifasciatus.

This beautiful fish is very rare and seldom collected, I personally was only able to find them once, many years ago, and now Hudson was able to find them as well. He has some photos of this new arrival (see below), but these Discus become much more beautiul (colourful, the red spots – different from those in Green Discus – much more pronounced) after placed in an aquarium for several month’. They are unique fishes, extremely rare.

This is just a short message on this beauty, which I am very happy that is comes again into the Hobby, and specially through Hudson, as he is the best, because I must depart tomorrow again to judge Discus in Shanghai, the at the Shaquaria, China’s biggest and largest Discus and Ornamental fish exhibition and Championships in the most modern city on earth… and after that I am off to 3 more expeditions this year (New Guinea and Amazonia), that is why I can only write a short message. But anyone can see my website, what is going on (the Discus) world:

All the best to all Discus and fish lovers, and all the best to Hudson and his Discus,


Heiko Bleher

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